1. First choose your menu language.

  2. Then read the introduction.

  3. Next go to the tutorial (this page).

  4. Then go to the lessons.

  1. First, choose if you want to do the next exercise in interactive or nonstop mode. (The two modes are explained on the introduction page.)

  2. Then choose the next set of exercises by clicking on the level (βαθμός), the chapter, and the section that you want to train. This will load the exercise.

  1. On the exercise page, the heading tells you what the chapter and the section is about (in Greek).

  2. The lesson starts with an example (Παράδειγμα). In this case, the counter "1/2" indicates that you are presently in the first of two examples.

  3. Click on the icon of the teacher (ΔΙΔΑΣΚΑΛΟΣ) on the left to listen to the teacher. You can press this icon as many times as you like.

  4. Then click on the icon of the student (ΜΑΘΗΤΗΣ) on the right to listen to the student. The example illustrates the paradigm of the exercise. (Note that there are two students in some lessons. In such case, click on the two student symbols one after the other.)

  5. If you did not understand the recording, you can click on the fields labeled "Διδάσκαλος" and "Μαθητής" below the icons to display the transcript of the spoken words. Repeated clicking will toggle the transcipt off and on.

  6. Click on "Lexicon" in the menu bar to display some of the more difficult words occuring in this section
  7. Click on "Grammar" in the menu bar to get directions on where to find the grammar explained in the book by J. Coderch
  8. Click "Next" to go to the next example. After the examples, the "Next" button will take you to the first exercise.

  1. After the examples the exercises start. The counter on the left indicates where you are in the exercises. In this example, the section comprises 13 exercises in total, and you are presently training the fourth sentence (Λόγος).

  2. After listening to the teacher, speak your answer aloud. Then listen to the student and check your answer. If correct, click "Right"; if incorrect, click "Wrong". Either button will take you to the next exercise, which will be indicated by the Λόγος counter.

  1. After the last exercise, you will get a chance to repeat those exercises that were marked with "Wrong". The heading indicates Έπανόρθωσις (corrections). The Λογος counter now indicates the number of exercises that are being repeated.

  1. When running the exercises in nonstop mode, you will only see a start button. Click this button to start the exercises.